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Online Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for North Carolina

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Professional Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for North Carolina

By letting us take care of your accounting and bookkeeping services you not only save time and money but also have a piece of mind. It is because your bookkeeping and accounting service are in good hands and are secured. Whether you reside in the state or outside of the state, if you want to hire outsourced accounting, bookkeeping accounts payable or accounts receivable we are here to help.

At Ask for CPA we offer outsourced accounting and bookkeeping North Carolina services for all kinds of business types whether small, individual or large businesses. We also provide services to all types of companies whether private or public.

While we look after your accounting and financial department you and your staff get to focus on the core and important regions of the business which will help your business to achieve targets which will lead to the progress of the company. We help you achieve your monthly or quarterly targets by providing the type of accounting services you need rather than providing what an outsourcing firm can provide.

Advantages you get from our services:

  • Reduction of costs by a prominent percentage since you no longer need to hire an accountant employee.
  • Elimination of training requirements of an accounting or bookkeeping employee since we provide you with professional and expert accountants having years of experience.
  • Elimination of costs of hardware or any accounting software.
  • You can access your accounting reports 24/7 using a secure username and password.
  • We keep your data secured using the latest technology, firewall and antivirus.

We help you to reduce your costs by figures which can make a difference in the financial statements of the business. If you hire an accountant employee he will not only charge you but will also use resources. He will use your hardware and software which cost you more than our services will cost you. He will go on vacation and take sick leave but we will be there for you anytime. We will not leave just for some hike in salary.

The services rendered by us :

  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Outsourced accounts payable.
  • Outsourced accounts receivable.
  • Sales tax reporting.
  • Income tax preparation.
  • Annual budget preparation.


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